Alisha Marie Boyd, is an award winning Canadian artist, designer and goldsmith and the owner and operator of Luxi Studioworks. 

Her first love was of colour and paint, completing a BFA at Alberta College of Art and Design in 2000 and an MFA at Concordia in 2003.  Always inspired by technical process, she then completed a jewellery and metalsmith BFA at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 2007.  An artist residency at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto from 2008-2011 introduced her to wider range of craft and design production.  During this time she both established herself as a custom goldsmith and began a series of decorative vessels that would inspire her transition to lighting. 

Launched in late 2014, Luxi Studioworks is the culmination of a very unique, specific skill set.  Her approach to lighting design marries the technical skill of of a goldsmith with the larger expressions, colour and knowledge of a painter.  This makers approach to lighting is further strengthened by the custom service skills of custom ring design and ability to produce her own CAD files.  Lastly is the work ethic and simple dogged practicality that comes with being the daughter of serial entrepreneures.




Alisha Boyd Headshot.jpg