Luxi Studioworks is a Halifax based company producing contemporary statement lighting for the Canadian Design Market.  We work with designers to help them realize their vision.  All of our luminaires are locally manufactured and CSA approved.



Lomhara is an intimate term of endearment, that when translated from Irish Gaelic means precious.  The form cradles the glow of the light it contains, casting delicate shadows on the surrounding surfaces as an extension of its elegance.  Each shade is hard wrought and unique.

Roinn Chandelier Detail3.jpg


  A contemporary take on Art Deco, Roinn was designed to serve as a bridge unifying historical and modern elements.  Inspired by concepts of time and growth, each branching contour builds upon the next.  This series meets modern lighting requirements without compromising the rich classic aesthetic.  Suitable for both commercial and high end residential applications.  

Lubach Drum Medium.jpg


 Lubach is a term originating from Scottish Gaelic, which translates to notions of meandering, twisting, and winding.  Each fluid line of Lubach draws the eye to dance from start-to-end around the forms contours, telling the story of the original wire.